If you have ever felt uneasy, hesitant or disappointed with your investments, we would like to discuss how our firm can better serve you. Review our frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

What does “Investment Counsel” or “Registered Investment Advisor” mean?

The Investment Advisers Act of 1940 restricts the use of these terms to those individuals or companies whose principal business consists of acting as investment advisors and who are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. A key component of this legislation is that investment counsel have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients – this means that we have a legal duty to represent the best interests of our clients.

Where are my assets kept?

Your funds will be held at the brokerage of your choice but we can help you choose a brokerage firm, if desired. We typically encourage clients to consolidate their investment accounts, where feasible, for ease of record keeping.

Who has control of my assets?

While we are granted a limited power of attorney (LPOA), we never take control or possession of your assets – you maintain full control of your account at all times. An LPOA typically only allows us to view your account and authorizes us to make trades within the account.

What are your fees?

Our fees are exclusively based upon assets directly under our management. We receive no additional pay for our financial planning nor do we receive any other commissions or fees from any other parties other than our clients. The current fee schedule, with breakpoints, is as follows:

Assets beneath $1,000,000 1.25% per annum
Between $1,000,000 & $3,000,000 0.80% per annum
Above $3,000,000 0.50% per annum
What do you charge for your financial planning?

There is no additional charge for our planning services beyond our regular quarterly investment management fees. We view financial planning to be an integral part of understanding our clients’ investment needs and to help mitigate their financial risks.

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