Our Services

Our goal is to make our clients’ financial lives easier. We aim to accomplish this objective by helping to both minimize financial risks and prudently invest our clients’ investments. Risks are addressed primarily through our financial planning process. Here, we identify areas of exposure and work with clients to minimize the likelihood of negative financial outcomes. Specifically, we help clients assess and manage the primary areas of their finances – investment, tax, estate, retirement, and insurance.

We help our clients with their financial assets through active investment management. Once an investment strategy is agreed upon, we pursue the necessary tactics to achieve the overall financial objectives. This is accomplished by creating a unique portfolio of securities crafted to meet a client’s goals while actively managing risk. Our purchase and sale decisions are based on a number factors including: our judgment of market conditions, our assessment of a security’s risk profile and our analysis of a security’s potential returns.

The management of investment accounts is conducted on a discretionary basis, meaning that we have the responsibility and authority to take the actions we deem appropriate. That being said, we encourage our clients to engage us with any and all of their financial questions or concerns so that they can rest easier knowing that our trained and experienced staff is working for them.