Our Process

As wealth managers, we have an integrated four-step investment process designed to address each client’s unique needs.  These steps are:

Understanding Our Client
Preparing a Financial Plan
Creation and Implementation of the Investment Policy
Ongoing Account Management

Our Client
Our first step is to make sure that we understand our client.  This means both understanding what a client’s current financial situation is as well as understanding what their long-term objectives and goals are.  A key component of this exploratory process is learning about both a client’s ability and desire to take on risk. 

Financial Plan
Next, we prepare a financial plan.  Planning involves reviewing the key areas of a client’s financial situation including investment, tax, estate, retirement, and insurance.  We look at each specific area and identify exposures which could hinder our client from achieving their goals.  Then, we propose solutions to reduce the damage that these risks can inflict upon their financial outcome.  The planning process concludes with the investment policy statement.

Investment Policy
The third step is the creation and implementation of the investment policy (IP).  The IP is the agreement between us and our client that lays out the client’s specific investment goals and the agreed upon strategy.  Typically, the investment policy evolves over time as a client’s needs change.  Depending upon economic and market conditions, we will modify the tactics employed in investing a client’s funds while leaving the overall strategy intact.  With our investment decisions, we aim to be tax efficient while not making decisions exclusively due to tax considerations but rather on our assessment of the overall investment strategy.

Account Management
Finally, our last step is ongoing account management.  In today’s volatile markets, buying and holding securities without careful ongoing analysis and consideration can be a recipe for disaster.  We persistently analyze company, industry,sector and macroeconomic activity to determine and/or validate our investment decisions.